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  • Wine Arc Balancing Bottle Holder in Solid colors
  • Wine Plank Balancing Bottle Holder in Red
  • Wine Arc Balancing Bottle Holder in Eggshell design

Why Buy Balancing Lacquer Wood Wine Bottle Holders and Foldable Water Bottle from The Art of Beverage?

Since starting the wine gift business in 2005, The Art of Beverage has been staying true to our mission: providing exceptional designs and great quality products while maintaining excellent customer care and service. We want to offer innovative products that are functional as well as aesthetically beautiful. The balancing wine bottle holders and foldable water bottle that we carry on our website are also created with that mission in mind.

Wine Holders That Can Hold Bottles In Mid-air

Our cool wine bottle holders are not any ordinary wine holders. While each wine holder is designed to hold a single standard wine bottle, what make the design so unique and unusual is the fact that it can balance the bottle in mid-air. Furthermore, the wooden wine bottle holders are coated with lacquer paint by our best lacquer artists thus each bottle holder looks shiny and glossy with beautiful colors and smooth finish, perfect wine accessory for any modern home. To use them is really simple. All you need to do is fit the neck of the wine bottle in the hole of the holders, find the balance point and let go, let the center of gravity does its work. Your wine bottle will remain stable. These unique wine bottle holders are also cool gift options for your friends and family. You can be rest assured that the people you present them to will like the balancing act as well as the modern feel that these cool wine holders exhibit. Find out furthermore How to use The Art of Beverage Balancing Wine Bottle Holder

Water Bottle That Can Be Folded

The Art of Beverage Foldable Water Bottle is BPA free, leak proof with air tight liner, making it versatile for beverages other than water. You can also use it for juice, wine and all other favorite beverages. It does not take up much space since it can be folded when empty. Our water bottle is lined with heavy-weight canvas and a carabiner clip so that you can easily attach your water bottle to your belt or bag. Very convenient when you go hiking or camping. This foldable bottle is a great gift for people who love outdoor activities.

Excellent Customer Care with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We always take great care in packaging our products until they are delivered to your door. Each wine bottle holder is inspected carefully and every purchase comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Return is always simple and easy. Ultimately, we will do our best to give you a truly enjoyable shopping experience. Your satisfaction is our priority. Welcome to The Art of Beverage.